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My favorite day: summer 2018

For those that don't know, I relocated to Oregon at the beginning of this summer from the east coast. It's been a crazy experience going from a familiar state, home to my entire family and all of my friends, to a completely new place nearly 3,000 miles away from everyone that I know and love.

Since moving here my fiancé and I have been using every day off that we have together to explore our new home and really take in all of the beauty that the Pacific Northwest is so known for.

One day in particular though has been my all time favorite, and is a day that continues to stand out to me a the best day of my first summer on the west coast.

The day started by me scanning google maps in search of a spot that looked interesting to shoot some photos, and I stumbled upon a particular forest service road that looked like a perfect spot. I won't share the exact road because researching these places is half the fun and #leavenotrace is important.

We arrived a couple hours before the sun was going to be setting so we took our time driving up the winding dirt road and taking in the views that seemed to completely surround us. We continued until we reached the end of the road, then chased the sunset down the mountain. I think for me, seeing these views in person was the moment that made all of the stresses of moving worth it. I do miss my family and friends back east, but I'm finally finding myself out here and am so happy about that

Mountain Bag by United By Blue

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